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You are a high school teacher interested in nanotechnology and want your class to discover all about it? 
Take advantage of a school trip in the French Alps to participate in Nano@school!

Nano@school is an innovative program where high school students can take a first look at what nanotechnology basic and applied research are made of.

For one day, students are invited to experiment in MINATEC, a European campus dedicated to micro and nanotechnology.

By groups of 8, they participate in two workshops on different research platforms, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. 

  All students participate either as their first or as their second workshop in Nanoworld, where they study their surrounding down to the nanoscale. 
Depending on what they are working on in class, Nano@school can propose several workshops relevant to their educational program, such as:

    - Clean room: students discover the backstage of a chip fabrication and end up with their own processed wafer.
    - Telecommunications: some technical clues to understand the IT environment that is surrounding us (mobile phone, antennas, optical fibers).
    - Solar Cells / Photovoltaic: a unique opportunity to assess solar cell features of a solar panel.
    - Biotechnology: Students analyze DNA with a PCR process.
    - Integrated Circuits Design: students become IC engineers and design a simplified IC.
    - MEMS / Microstystems: students operate different accelerometers systems to see how those sensors work.

During lunch break, the class gets a free meal at the CROUS dining hall where they can eat around engineering students.

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